14 Sep

Our focus for week 3 is a continuation on feelings/empathy with a focus on friendship skills and conflict resolution. 

Our focus skills this week are:

  • Self-control: being able to wait for what they want, using words to express their feelings rather than acting disruptively or misbehaving, giving others a turn with toys.

  • Welcoming: being able to approach and respond to others positively (eg with a smile and greeting such as ‘hello’).

  • Consideration: being able to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, taking turns, being able to lead and follow what others want to do, being able to cooperate and share.

  • Play skills: being willing to take part in games and make suggestions for play.

  • Communicating: talking and listening to others in a friendly way, saying something to start a conversation.

  • Helping: being willing to help others.

  • Prediction: being able to understand how others might be feeling based on their behavior, being able to predict how their behavior might affect others.

  • Thinking: such as about alternatives when things go wrong (eg if other children want to play something different, thinking of whether to join them or find someone else to play with).

  • Coping: being able to respond to rejection, disappointment or disapproval without experiencing too much distress or winning without gloating.

  • Empathy: being able to respond to others’ feelings with understanding.

  • Flexibility: being open to hearing or learning about other points of view or ways of doing things

Ways skills are incorporated in the classroom:

-Continuing with using words to describe feelings

-Taking turns/sharing 

-Including other's ideas in play

-Recognizing own and other's emotions

-Discussing rules, making up rules for play, and what happens when someone breaks the rules. 

-Helping students say how they feel using emotions and feelings reviewed last week

-Encouraging students to use words rather than actions 

-Discussing how some words are hurtful 

-Encouraging problem solving by asking "How can you make this right" or "what would you like to happen" and supporting students as they develop and practice skills. 

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